duminică, 29 mai 2016

Pink Parcel - May Edition (review)

Long time, no write...

Today I want to introduce you to Pink Parcel, a box designed for that time of the month. Yes, I know you'll probably laugh but, i find it very useful.
How does it work?
First, you choose your fav brand (of tampons, yes), then you tell them your dates (of your period, of course) and you wait. You'll get a pretty box, with fab goods, to make you feel good.

  • TEA: Because a cup of tea solves everything!
  • TAMPONS: Brands you know - plus something new
  • PADS: All of your favourite brands
  • SOMETHING SWEET: To help hit that PMS craving spot
  • BEAUTY PRODUCTS: For that all important pamper time

How my box looks like? (just click on the photos for full size image)

In this month's box, I received some nice treats: English Tea Shop chocolate rooibos & vanilla tea (it will be a fav), Rococo mini bee bar and Fudge Kitchen white chocolate & raspberry cube.

For the beauty part, I have:  Badger sleep balm (love the smell of lavender and bergamot), True Brit London nail polish ( shade: It's a monthly thing), Cougar Perfect pout lip plumper, Lottie London Make-up Brush (available on Asos.com), Simple Soothing facial toner (travel size, perfect for my next holiday) and FemmeFresh intimate (soothing cloths).

Love all the products! Looking forward for the next box!

You can order your first box for just 9,95£  HERE . Hope that you liked this post! See you next time! Andra